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We are Specialists in what we do.

Our typical process involves the following: Collection of IT Equipment from your premises - two uniformed workers typically attend, no need for any lifting on your part. An audit of Taken Equipment Report (TER) is given to yourself - this is so we both know what has been taken exactly. These are then transported in our secure, specialist vehicles direct to our processing facility. On receipt of the IT equipment our expert engineers get to work on dissasembling the Computers and wiping the Data using industry leading software. When this is completed you are provided with a Data Destruction Certificate highlighting how and when the data on the relevant drive was wiped and by who - this ensures you have complied with your legal obligations. We then proceed to recycle the equipment, helping address the global problem of IT waste at no cost to yourselves!

No Cost To You.

Our Business generates all revenue from the recycling of the computer’s components - we reflect this on the price we charge our clients - which is always £0.00.

Doing your bit for the


Recycling Computer components is key to reducing your carbon footprint and is just one of the many things we can do to help our planet.

Fully insured and Licensed.

Don’t fall risk to ‘cowboys’ in the industry who fail to have any of the relevant licenses or Insurance. Trust that we can provide an efficent, professional service.
Registered Waste Carrier Number: CBDU444714
VAT Registration Number: 441 1670 23